Writer's Block: Your Username

Why did you choose your user name? Is there any special meaning or story behind it?
 I chose the profaneangel because Im a HUGE fan of Carole Lombard, as well as loving her in her films, I loved her as a person, someone I wish I got to know,but she was way before my time! Her nickname was the Profane Angel, and as  much as it's not polite for a lady to curse, I swear just as much, but Im a really nice, caring gal & I might not  look  as beautiful as Carole...far from it..hahaha but I can be an angel when it comes to my family & friends...in time of need that it is. So there is my story behinf my user name! Good day all!  ~Jen

Happy Birthday!!

Hey Vin!

Im a couple days early & wanted to wish you a very happy & wonderful birthday! You truly deserve it! Mom just had one on the 10th & my sister the 6th...a lot of Leo's!! Haha Good people though-very generous & a great sense of humor! 
Have a terrific day VP!


New Carole Lombard book

Hello all! Im new here to LJ, but I have been viewing Carole & Co for quite sometime now & I love it!  I was just informed by a friend a mine, Barbara Washburn, she has published a new novel on Carole Lombard, "Chasing Carole-A Novel"  It will be available on amazon.com in BOOK format in about 3 weeks, she will inform as to when it will be ready for purchase. You can check on amazon.com for details on the book. It takes a look into Carole's life in a different light, yet its not a bio, but it gets into Carole's head & her life & her life with Clark. I hope you all will take a look, it'd be nice to see a new & fresh look on our lovely Carole. As I am a huge fan of Lombard & of Clark!  Please check amazonm for info & a review of the book.  Thank you!!